Repairs and Restorations

Slate roofs that were installed more than a hundred years ago are sometimes very unique. The craftsmen that installed the roof might have "cut" or "shaped" the slate, they might have incorporated a design or stripe using a contrasting color, or even added writing, such as a business' or farm's name or the year it was established. However, the craftsmen most likely didn't leave detailed instructions as to how it was done!

Sbardella Slate feels confident that we can exactly match the color and design of your original roof in the event that it needs to be replaced, or do repairs that match, "blend in" with, or compliment your existing roof.

Below are some examples of our work:

Restoration Project

This house had slate on the roof originally, and over the years had shingles put on it.
We removed the shingles, installed the slate and put standing seam copper on the porch roof.

Restoration Project

Before restoration:
After restoration:

New Addition

Slate on right is a new addition. Slate was distressed and laid in a rustic manor to exactly match original roof on left.

Closer look at new addition.

Slate Repair

Extensive slate repair on clubhouse roof.

House with date on the roof

Writing "1989" incorporated in slate roof.